Optional Features
LCD Control Panel
Drain Set
Safety Grab Bar
Penumatic Adjusting Switch
Head Rest
Stainless Steel Locking Handle
Air Massage Jets
Water Massage Jets
Non-slip seat and tub floor
Gloss wearable acrylic surface
Safety grab bar
Heavy duty reinforced
Fiberglass resin reinforced
Freestanding stainless steel support frame
with adjustable leveling feet
In-ward/Out-ward swing door
Color: White or Biscuit
Left or right door
Front panel with end panel or with extension to 60"
Dual access panels

Dual Access Panels
    Dual access panels are built into both sides of every model for easier installations and service.

    2 or 3 sides flange prevents water from seeping behind the tub, which can eliminating the possibility of water escaping through the walls and causing water damage.(only available for some models)

Extension Panel
    An extension kit is available with most of our tubs for applications where you are replacing standard 60” tub with a new walk-in bathtub which also can be used as a shelf to hold soaps, shampoos and other bathing accessories.


The air system includeds a 400W electric air pump motor and 13-16 air jets,making bathing more enjoyable as a blower gently pushes warm air through multiple jets spread throughout the bathtub for the most calming and healing effect. The variable speed blower makes it completely adjustable to the bathers’ individual needs, producing either a gentle caressing flow of bubbles or a more powerful stream that is still gentle on the skin. The air system provides relief from muscles stiffness and aches,helps rid your body of toxins,relieves pressure on joints and bones,increases circulation throughout the body,promotes total metal and physical relaxation.


The Deluxe Hydro Massage system includes a 1.2 HP electric water pump motor,6 directional and adjustable water jets, the warm and powerful individual streams of water are easily adjustable to customize your bathing experience with either low or high water pressure, The hydrotherapy system is simply accessed by the control button, which is located within arms reach. The relaxing and therapeutic hydro jets embrace and comfort your body with ease.


An extension kit is available with most of our tubs.This allows any of our tub models to fit into a standard 60” tub stall. The panel installs quickly and will elimin ate the gap between our tub and the wall. The extension panel shelf can be used to hold soaps,shampoos,toiletries and other bathing accessories.


The water jetted tub will keep the water temperature at a constant level throughout your entire bath session to ensure a more relaxed and soothing bathing experience.


The science that uses the colors to modify or to keep the vibrations of the body in a frequency that results in health,welfare and harmony.Each color possesses frequencies of a spencific vibration,and each vibration has characteristics related to different physical symptoms. View
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